Das Energi (dasenergi) wrote,
Das Energi


Since I'm a different person today than I was in 2011, I've changed my interests.

For the record, these were my old interestsL

2012, addiction, alice walker, aliens, anais nin, annie lennox, apples, aquaman, art, arthur c clarke, audrey hepburn, avatar: the last airbender, baltar, beauty, ben folds, bret easton ellis, bright eyes, buddha, buddhism, carl jung, cat stevens, cloud cult, clouds, cocorosie, compassion, crazy, creativity, dadaism, dave mckean, david bowie, devendra banhart, dharma punx, donovan, dune, earth, einstein, faerie, flowers, frank herbert, freak, friends, gnosticism, gods, godzilla, green, grendel, harry potter, his dark materials, hope, insanity, jack kerouac, jeff noon, john malkovich, jonathan carroll, justin kirk, king arthur, land of the lost, life, love, mage, magick, mahatma gandhi, mary todd lincoln, matt wagner, maya angelou, meditation, metta, moby, moon, mothra, music, mxc, mysticism, mythology, nanowrimo, nature, neil gaiman, nic harcourt, noah levine, palden dorje, pedro almodóvar, performance art, peter gabriel, philip pullman, pillow pants, plagiarism, polyphonic spree, queen, rain, ram bahadur bomjon, ritual, roar, rondua, saa, salads, salsa, sandman, science, serenity, serge gainsbourg, sex addicts anonymous, shohreh aghdashloo, sinead o'connor, space, spider-man, spirit rock, strawberries, sun, superheroes, the maxx, theravada, tim hunter, tim powers, time travel, tom peters, torgo, transcendentalism, tristan tzara, trust, vipassana, vurt, weird, white, william burroughs, wizard101, writing, yimou zhang

And these are the new:

aliens, art, autobiography, bisexuality, buddhism, cloud cult, compassion, empathy, love, magic, marijuana, meditation, merlin, movies, music, performance art, pisces, poetry, pyramids, quotes, space, starseed, theater, unknown, words
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