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The first 45" I remember buying with my own money was the theme from the TV show "SWAT".

The first LP I remember buying with my own money was the soundtrack to the movie "Star Wars".

Some of my fondest memories of childhood were while listening to music.

I can still remember being in my Uncle's car, listening to the song "Listen to What the Man Said" by Wings while driving to Seal Beach.

On rainy days my sister and I would do a dance routine to Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star".

In our living room we had a mobile of seagulls spinning in circles, and I would lay underneath it listening to the Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle".

I would also do a pantomime in the living room to the song "Lem 'Em In" by Wings.

This music was all influenced by my mother. My father did not listen to music in the house.

As my sister became a teenager, my musical taste was more influenced by her. My memories are of listening to teen pop stars from the era, like Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett, Shawn Cassidy, and Adam Ant.

She would write "Too Hip" on their album covers and thumbtack them to her walls.

I clearly remember injuring myself while listening to Donny Osmond's "Old Man Auctioneer".

I also remember Leif Garrett appearing in a television episode of "CHiPS". It was a big deal in our house. As well as watching Shawn Cassidy in the TV show, "The Hardy Boys".

My sister took dance/jazz classes, and I would dance with her, coming up with routines. One I recall was to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Going for drives in the car was music listening opportunity, and my sister and I had control of what we listened to on the radio.

As I became a teenager, my musical tastes began to expand as I formed my opinions. One of the first bands I discovered on my own and would follow, purchasing their albums, was the band from Norway called "A-ha". Their video to the song "Take On Me" was a big influence.

The teenage hearthrobs of my generation were Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. I had their albums and enjoyed them.

Other bands that were my favorite include "The Pet Shop Boys", "Erasure", and "Orechestral Maneuvers in the Dark(OMD). I remember having a discussion with my sister where I claimed that I only like music without guitars; that I prefered sythasizer-based music. And then along came U2 and INXS, and I changed my tune.

As a teenager music was VERY important to me. I had an emotional connection with the music. I related to it. It resonated with me. I felt understood. I felt like I belonged. I would lay awake at night, feeling teenage angst with music as my companion. I would write song lyrics on my school book covers. Music was a prime conversation piece for me and my peers.

As I got older, my tastes became more refined. I was still relating to music on an emotional level, but I also began to look for and appreciate originality, artistry, depth, complexity, and soul.

As I got older, I moved away from current popular music. I was wanting emotional resonance. I grasped onto Peter Gabriel.

A New Age artist I took an interest in is Kitaro, and saw him in concert a number of times. I was impressed by the gigantic house-sized drums he would use.

While in the womb, my first born seemed to be more active whenever Ricky Martin's "Cup Of Life" played.

When we drove my first born home from the hospital, I made a special mix-CD of songs by John Denver to play in the car.

When it was my turn to give the babies their bottles in the middle of the night, we would watch music videos on VH-1 meanwhile. Jenifer Lopez (Waiting For Tonight), Madonna (Austin Powers theme), and Ricky Martin (La Vida Loca) were big at that time.

When they were toddlers, we stopped listening to "my" music in the car and instead started listening to childrens music like The Wiggles and the Doodlebops (both of which I to took my children to see in concert).

Right now I am of an age where my children are taking an interest in music. And my musical preferences are being pushed aside as we listen to their favorites. Instead of Sufjan Stevens, The Polyphonic Spree, Bright Eyes, and Arcade Fire we're now listening to Katy Perry, Rhianna, and P!nk.

Hearing the music through my children's ears, I appreciate popular music more than I have since my childhood. I take an interest in their favorites and purchase songs on iTunes and Amazon for them to listen to in the car.

So far they haven't found anything of interest that would rub me the wrong way. I imagine that will come as they get older. But I wonder if I will learn to enjoy it, because my child enjoys it.
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